"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke

The VDI Client Solution

Deploy your VDI solution in minutes.

Not months.

For many companies, VDI and cloud-based DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is the solution for the rapid deployment of ready-to-use Windows desktops.

If you are considering this journey, you might the be having problems with the eye-watering costs of such a project. Unless you already have Windows 10 desktops in place, you will still need to deploy new hardware at every desktop position to replace aging Windows 7 systems. 

If it seems that you were only doing this a few years ago... it's because you WERE!

Introducting Carpet VDIc. 

Carpet VDIc deploys a VDI client solution onto your existing hardware, saving installation of new hardware and disposal costs of the old - and extending the lifetime of what you already have. As Carpet VDIc deploys Linux onto the targeted systems, their performance is increased and effective lifetime can be doubled. Even better: with Carpet's management solution, support requirements are massively reduced. 

Get Disconnected. It's OK.

Cartpet VDIc features an optional 'disconnected' mode enabling an alternative, Mac-like desktop environment - complete with the Libre Office productivity suite. This allows you continue working in the event of a network outage.

Work is saved into a secure, encrypted volume that is sychronised with your centralised systems upon network reconnection. A desktop indicator tells you when the VDI infrastucture is back online, and a click takes you back.

Perfect for mobile users - or locations with poor network connectivity.  

Join the best of both worlds: with Carpet VDIc.

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